Friday, March 13, 2015

Ladies night at the Speakeasy

Ladies night doesn't come around near often enough, but when it does, its best served with great friends, and delicious drinks. To get our fix we meandered to downtown Golden, Co to check out the Golden Moon Speakeasy. Delightfully hidden back from the street, we found our way following the sound of live jazz music. Inside, leather bound menus featuring drinks made from each of their signature spirits made it difficult to figure out what we wanted. We all chose something different, so we could get a taste of much as we could. The drinks were strong, so moderation was necessary. My choice was something like "grey lady", but I'm not quite sure. I wish i'd photographed the menu!
In the end, my drink, at least in my opinion, proved to be the tastiest, and we were all disappointed we hadn't saved room for charcuterie.
5/5 for flavor, high value, but on the expensive side with $10-12 cocktails. Happy hour might be a better bet, but the live jazz made it worthwhile.

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